No Need for the Gym: Fitness with Body Weight Training

Gyms and Fitness-Centers. The mystical place most have signed up for, few have actually used. Whether it is that New Year’s resolution from five years ago, or the gigantic bill that convinces us that this time we won’t waste our money. But let us be honest. We all know it is hard to get started and harder to keep going. But is it really necessary to have a treadmill and 50 shapes of weights and fitness machines at our disposal in order to get in shape?

The answer is simple: NO! All you need is a little dedication and your own body weight. Here are some basic exercises that will help you burn off those undesired calories with nothing but your own kilos.

“Ass to Grass” Squats and their variations

Yes, the good old squat. Not the most fun but definitely effective and easy to add variations. Squats not only train your glutes to give you that peach butt you desire, but they help you strengthen your thighs and work on your balance.

Start with the basic squat, making sure to get your “ass to the grass”. That’s right, parallel the way down. Once you got this down, consider squat progression to build muscle. You could consider making it more difficult by adding an explosive jump or manipulating the speed. Real slow and feel the burn or explosive and get in as many squats as possible in one minute.

Push through those Push-ups

Widely feared, the push up is one of the most famous body weight exercises. If you struggle to get one done, consider alleviating the weight on your arms and shoulders by crossing your legs and putting your weight on your knees instead of toes. Gradually build up the number of push-ups and once you feel comfortable to up-the-ante, try a lower number of repetitions but with your legs straight in the typical position. Start slow and build up your strength, rather than trying to do it all at once. It is preferable to do 12 push-ups on your knees with a straight back and nose touching the flour, to doing two push-ups on your toes but only moving 2 cm down.

Plank it up

The plank is a highly effective bodyweight exercise that not only trains your abs but involves your legs, back and arms as well. Set your timer and tense your muscles. Hold that pose, shaking and counting the seconds but HOLD THAT POSE! Start low, 15-20 seconds and as always build up over time. Variations of the plank worth considering are sided planks, one leg of the ground or alternating arms.

Jump like Jack

Jumping Jacks. We did it as kids and we should continue doing it now. A full body workout, burning away those calories. Up down, up down. Arms out, legs in. And repeat. Two options to consider: Fewer repetitions – more sets or all or nothing. You could do the same as with the previously stated exercises, decide on the number of repetitions and sets and build up with time. The same old song. OR try the best mode. One minute and a maximum number of repetitions possible.

These exercises do not have to go on for hours and hours. 20-30 minutes a day of fitness can be enough to get a quick full body work out with nothing but your own kilos and a little dedication to your health.