You can Build Abs and Chest Muscles without Weights

How do you build your abs and chest muscles without weights? This is a common question today and what most don’t get is that they don’t need equipment or weights to do this. Basically, it’s not necessarily that one will lift weights to achieve this. The secret is engaging in workouts that focus on these parts of the body and nothing limits you when it comes to this.

Did you know that even going for a good old bicycle ride is a good workout for your abs. Most people think it is only good for their legs and cardio but that is not the whole story.

Now onto some more specific ways to build your abs and chest muscles without weights.

  • Engage in Diamond Push-Up

This exercise will work out your chest muscles and the triceps behind your upper arms. Thus making your chest stronger and enhancing your physique. To get into this position, place your body like you are doing the traditional pushups, keep your body rigid and your abs towards your spine as you do the push-ups. 

  • Learn to Maintain Planks

Being able to maintain planks for at least 30 seconds will help you strengthen your chest muscles and abs. The reason is it engages several muscles. You start with the motionless planks before engaging in the moving ones. While performing a plank, you lie with face down, elbows on your side under your shoulders and palms down. Prop yourself up in a straight line. The entire body should be in this position for at least 30 seconds. 

  • Get used Crunches

Although this might sound like some form of old exercise, it’s effective in working out your abs as it focuses on the texture abdominis. The secret for this exercise to be effective is to be consistent and do it properly. To perform crunches, lie on your back with your hands behind the head and your knees Bender. Lift your shoulders along with your head off the ground in the same position. 

  • Torso Rotation

To get a stable and strong core, you have to engage your muscles and engaging in torso rotation is one way you can do so. This involves twisting your hips while taking your knees to the right and the left side while crouching. Your palms must be on the floor while doing this.

As you focus on strengthening your abs and chest muscles, there are exercises that will work out different muscles at the same time. Actually, you will be spoilt for push-up variations. Engage in crunches, push-ups, and planks among others that you do not need weights. With these options, you can work out from wherever you are whether you are traveling, you are in the office or at home. Engage in various exercises for maximum benefits.