Way to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

You have been working out consistently but you feel as if you are not getting the most out of it. You are not sure about how you can maximize your workouts considering the fact that you want to get leaner, stronger and fitter as soon as possible. One thing that you should keep in mind is that it’s always advisable to contact your doctor before you can engage in intense workouts.

  • Adjust Slowly

You should never start with high-intensity workouts. This will do more harm than good. Since you want to progress and achieve your fitness goals, it’s better to take it slowly. Building endurance like the experts you see at the gym and in magazines takes time. Start and get into high-intensity workouts slowly and within no time, you will have built your endurance. 

  • Build Up Energy with Carbs

Carbs play a great role in your workout results. You need the energy to engage in any kind of exercise thus you need a lot of carbs. If you are not sure about taking carbs, you can opt for the low fiber ones. They will give you the sufficient energy that you need to work out and the good thing is that the extra calories will be burnt.

  • Engage in Compound Exercises

The benefit of compound exercises is that they engage multiple muscles at ago. Besides this, it is easy for the entire body to work out as most of the muscles are involved rather than focusing on exercises that will work out specific parts of the body. Deadlifts, lunges, bench presses, pullups, pushups and military presses are just some of the compound exercises that you can engage in.

  • Work for a Maximum of 40 Minutes

Spending a lot of time at the gym does not mean that you will get the most out of your workouts. The best way to limit the time you spend working out is to increase the intensity. However, this should be done gradually. If you practice low-intensity workouts over an extended period of time, the exercises stop being as effective and you will be spending more time working out.

For any workout program to be effective, a lot is involved. Besides working out, one needs to eat right, adjust slowly, engage in compound exercises, limit the workout time and take a lot of water among other things. A good workout plan should be effective but it takes dedication for it to be.

Workout SMART with Age Appropriate Exercises

Every age group needs to have different types and amounts of exercise. The thing is that as humans advance in age their energy decreases and body deteriorates. It is important to know what exercises are important in each stage of your life.

You don’t want to over exert yourself, yet at the same time, you don’t want to have a ten-year-old child bench pressing 200 pounds and a senior with heart problems running 10 miles. Each age group has different physiological needs and exercise has always been described as the anecdote for living a long healthy life.

Kids and Teenagers

A kid’s exercise doesn’t have to be formal but it is important for them to keep active. Whether it’s joining a club in their school or doing PE (Physical Education) exercise is important for both kids and teens. As they are growing, exercise will help them to keep healthy and prevent lifestyle diseases like Type 2 Diabetes or even obesity.

Teenagers are very conscious of their weight and how they look so enrolling them in an exercise activity would not only help them to maintain their weight and be toned but to have better control of their bodies. Rather than allowing your children to play video games or watch television, encourage them to spend more time outside playing or enroll them in a sporting club.

Young Adults

Young Adults have an advantage over Adults and seniors, their metabolisms are very high and they have a lot of energy. At this age it is important to do things that would be difficult to do when older. The older you get the more your body deteriorates; your bones, muscles and strength. At this age it is important to do weight and strength training and build endurance. You should exercise for at least three hours per week to reduce the risk of certain diseases.


At this stage in your life, your metabolism has slowed and you may realize that you are gaining fat and it is becoming harder to lose the weight. Cardio is a good exercise to do and you have to watch your calorie intake. Your exercise regime should be consistent and the focus should be on not only cardio but a range of activities; balance, core and even swimming should be a focus as it helps to maintain posture.


Maybe sixty is the new fifty but at this age, your energy reserves have significantly depleted. The emphasis here should be about keeping active. Your risk of developing lifestyle diseases increase and you are likely to suffer a broken hip if you fall.

The emphasis should be on weight lifting to preserve strength and even supervised water aerobics can be a good exercise for you. Walking is also a safe exercise and at this age it is important to maintain a level of independence and continue to do activities. Even gardening is a good “sport” to keep you active, occupied and relaxed. There is no age restriction on exercise.