Workout SMART with Age Appropriate Exercises

Every age group needs to have different types and amounts of exercise. The thing is that as humans advance in age their energy decreases and body deteriorates. It is important to know what exercises are important in each stage of your life.

You don’t want to over exert yourself, yet at the same time, you don’t want to have a ten-year-old child bench pressing 200 pounds and a senior with heart problems running 10 miles. Each age group has different physiological needs and exercise has always been described as the anecdote for living a long healthy life.

Kids and Teenagers

A kid’s exercise doesn’t have to be formal but it is important for them to keep active. Whether it’s joining a club in their school or doing PE (Physical Education) exercise is important for both kids and teens. As they are growing, exercise will help them to keep healthy and prevent lifestyle diseases like Type 2 Diabetes or even obesity.

Teenagers are very conscious of their weight and how they look so enrolling them in an exercise activity would not only help them to maintain their weight and be toned but to have better control of their bodies. Rather than allowing your children to play video games or watch television, encourage them to spend more time outside playing or enroll them in a sporting club.

Young Adults

Young Adults have an advantage over Adults and seniors, their metabolisms are very high and they have a lot of energy. At this age it is important to do things that would be difficult to do when older. The older you get the more your body deteriorates; your bones, muscles and strength. At this age it is important to do weight and strength training and build endurance. You should exercise for at least three hours per week to reduce the risk of certain diseases.


At this stage in your life, your metabolism has slowed and you may realize that you are gaining fat and it is becoming harder to lose the weight. Cardio is a good exercise to do and you have to watch your calorie intake. Your exercise regime should be consistent and the focus should be on not only cardio but a range of activities; balance, core and even swimming should be a focus as it helps to maintain posture.


Maybe sixty is the new fifty but at this age, your energy reserves have significantly depleted. The emphasis here should be about keeping active. Your risk of developing lifestyle diseases increase and you are likely to suffer a broken hip if you fall.

The emphasis should be on weight lifting to preserve strength and even supervised water aerobics can be a good exercise for you. Walking is also a safe exercise and at this age it is important to maintain a level of independence and continue to do activities. Even gardening is a good “sport” to keep you active, occupied and relaxed. There is no age restriction on exercise.

6 Simple Strategies to Improve Your Overall Fitness

Gym Buddies High 5Improving your overall fitness can help you enhance your health as well as feel more confident.

But before you do any work on improving your fitness, let’s first get a benchmark of where you are at by evaluating your current physical fitness level. After that, depending on how fit you are, enhancing your level of physical fitness may be as easy as starting an exercise program or possibly something more intense if you might be looking to achieve particularly high fitness goal.

Regardless of your level of fitness that you want to achieve, here are several strategies that you may use to improve your overall fitness.

Strategy #1: Set Your Goals First

Having fitness goals or a series of small goals that you’re working towards will help you to stay focused and can even help in keeping you motivated. See to it that you set your goals that are time-based, realistic, action-oriented, measurable, and specific.

Once you set your goals, you should always track your progress. Keeping track of the fitness progress is a good way to be motivated. Monitoring your progress may also make it simpler to see once you reach your fitness goals. You may track the progress in various ways.

Strategy #2: Follow a Healthy Balanced Diet

What you eat can make a huge difference in how you feel and the results. That is the reason why it is crucial to follow a healthy balanced diet as you reach all your fitness goals. Various things that you must include in your diet are complex carbohydrates including whole wheat pasta, brown rice, quinoa, and whole wheat bread. You should also include lean proteins, vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Strategy #3: Avoid Unhealthy Choices

As you are working hard to improve your fitness, it is always important to stick with healthier foods only. You must do what you can in eliminating unhealthy choices. Try reducing the intake of foods that are processed, fried or greasy, high in sugar, and have high amounts of saturated fats.

Strategy #4: Make Some Changes in Your Lifestyle

When making some changes in your lifestyle, it is important to consult your doctor first. There are people who have restrictions on exercise and diet levels based on the medical conditions. That’s why it’s best to check with the doctor before making some major changes to your activity levels or diet. If you are smoking, then stop it. The reason behind it is that smoking may interfere with all your fitness goals and this may lead to life-threatening diseases including emphysema, cancer, and COPD.

Strategy #5: Get Rid of Alcohol

Like smoking, drinking alcohol will never bring any good to your overall fitness and health. As a matter of fact, it could hinder you from achieving your fitness goals. Remember, alcohol adds empty calories to the diet and it may also cause fatigue, dehydration, and some health issues. Never consume more than a drink every day if you’re a woman and if you’re a man, don’t drink more than two daily.

Strategy #6: Always Exercise

Your overall fitness will never be the same if you exercise regularly. There are numerous exercise programs you can take for consideration today, yet for you to know what’s best for you, try consulting a physical fitness trainer. In this way, you will be guided while doing some exercises at home or at the gym.



Hard & Fast Workouts – The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

Three Sweaty Boot Camp Workout WomenHave you ever heard of hard and fast workouts? They are also known as High Intensity workouts. For anyone who has realised their benefits they will be spokesmen or women for this method and you will often hear claims such as – this is the best thing since sliced bread.

Why sliced bread? Well I guess it must have been a real struggle back in the day when you had to slice your own bread. I mean think about it. We can just grab a loaf of bread and make as many sandwiches as we like. If you have to think about how many sandwiches you needed to make then make twice that many slices to create the sliced bread. It would slow down your prep time and just drag out the feeding process. Sliced bread truly was a historical change. And hence now whenever there is a breakthrough this reference is often used.

So back to the hard and fast or high intensity workouts.

This simply refers to a method of working out where you subject your body to strenuous activity for a short burst of time. Think of it like a sprint as opposed to a light jog. This high intensity of the workout actually forces your body to push itself to the extreme of working out. And there are many benefits in doing so.

Weight lifters have been using this techniques for many decades now.

  • When you want to build muscle it is recommended to lift as much weight as your can in order to achieve 6-8 or even 4-6 repetitions. On the last lift you should be struggling and putting in all your effort.
  • However if you want to build strength it is recommended to lift enough weight to be doing more like 10-12 repetitions or even 8-10. Again the last sets should be pushing it out.
  • But if you only want to achieve a toning effect on your muscles then it is recommended to do long repetition sets. Sets of 15-20 or even more repetitions will achieve a toning effect. The muscle building and strength gained from these longer sets will be less noticeable but instead participants will notice a slimming effect as they tone.

As you can see from the example above the short bursts of energy needed in mass weight lifting for short repetitions actually build the most muscle. How? The high intensity workout actually puts a lot of stress on the muscles and they actually create many slight little tears in the muscle itself. After the workout your body enters a recovery stage which can last for days afterwards and this is where the muscle building occurs. As the body repairs itself it makes these muscles stronger and larger to be able to handle the next time that this is encountered.

In other forms of hard and fast workouts such as sprinting, bike riding, boxing, dancing and other intense cardio workouts this straining effect is also put on your internal organs such as your heart and lungs which are working overtime to fuel your body with oxygenated blood to carry out the activities. Also your blood pressure increases during high intensity workouts and this helps clean out your veins and arteries as blow flow is rapidly increased.

So apart from flushing out your blood vessels with a high intensity workout your heart, lungs and other internal muscles (also known as organs) are working overtime and need to enter a recovery stage. During this stage they rebuild themselves larger and stronger to handle next time. Also any other muscle that was used in the workout also goes through this beneficial stage of repair. And this is why we are now realising that hard and fast high intensity workouts are so beneficial. In fact they could be the best thing since sliced bread for the workout world.

But please take care. Pushing your body to extremes with any physical activity does carry risks. And you should always start with a light workout and work your way up to high intensity. After each workout monitor your recovery time and feeling in your muscles. The last thing we want is anyone having a heart attack while trying to strengthen their heart.