Celebrate Reaching Your Training Goals with a Luxury Limousine Ride

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Sportsman with arms up celebrating success

How many training goals have you got right now? Maybe 1, 5, 10 or more? And for each of those goals what reward will you give yourself when you reach it?

The funny thing is that most people have goals. Some lots of goals. But without setting and giving yourself actual rewards for the achievement of those goals you can easily lose your momentum.

For example you may be starting a weight training program. Right now you can lift 50kg for 3 sets of 6. Your goal is to be able to lift the same weight for 3 sets of 15.

When you first start you are looking at the goal of reaching 3 sets of 15. Your training is progressing and each new session you can lift more repetitions in each set.

Finally some weeks later you have achieved your goal and complete 3 sets of 15 for 50kg. Once you have reached this goal you think well what’s next. Now I want to lift 60kg for 3 sets of 15. And so you start making your way up toward that goal.

This is what most people do and sure you are making progress in your training however without taking time out to celebrate your wins you are constantly on a cycle of always chasing the next goal.

Instead when you set the goal, also set a reward that you will treat yourself with once you reach that goal.

For smaller goals your need to have something that is not too crazy, like buying a car or going on a holiday. Simple treats like going out to an expensive restaurant, buying an expensive bottle of wine or scotch, or hiring a luxury limousine ride are perfect for those small to medium sized goals.

Luxury limousine ride? You may ask. Well yes. Here is why.

Hand opening limousine doorChauffeured limousines are typically reserved for those special occasions. You may have ridden in a stretch limo for your school formal or for a close friends wedding. You can also hire a luxury sedan limo for airport transfers or corporate events.

The stylish and premium look and feel of a limousine is nothing short of enjoyable and exciting. Also having your driver well dressed in a suit makes a statement and you can always remember your accomplishment better when you have a tangible memory to associate it with.

How easy will it be to remember the time to you finally ran 10km under 35 minutes if you celebrate with a luxury limousine ride around town?

Going all out and hiring a stretch limo with your pals would be great but what if you did it with just you and your partner? That would be memorable. If you also through in a dinner and made the limousine ride a dinner transfer you would be really making a lasting memory in your mind.

So now is time to re-evaluate. Have a look at your current goals and make sure you have adequate rewards set for each. Obviously for harder goals you want to set a better reward. After all what is keeping your motivated to hit that goal?

Remember if you are struggling to find a reward for a small to medium sized goal – allocate a luxury limo ride. The style, comfort and luxury for you and you travel companion will be unforgettable.

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