Relax your Muscles in a Nice Hot Bath

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Some people take their muscles for granted. Eating unhealthy foods, not exercising or stretching and down right not taking care of their muscles at all. After all our muscles are vital to our survival. If you didn’t have any muscles you couldn’t move any of your limbs. Heck your heart is a muscle so without any muscles you couldn’t even pump blood around your body!

Bottom line is – we should be more appreciative of our muscles and take really good care of them.

Obviously eating the right foods to provide a suitable balance of essential nutrients and vitamins can ensure your muscles have the right fuel to mend, repair and grow. Also you need to regularly stretch and exercise your muscles so they do not become inactive and shrivel away to nothing.

But you can also treat your muscles to relaxation. Relaxation techniques include massage, meditation and the good old humble hot bath.

Soaking in hot water is very therapeutic for your muscles. It allows them to release tensions and soften up. This is a great way to relieve tight muscles which may be caused from stress or strains. By adding selective bath salts to the hot water you can also achieve cleansing and aromatic effects on your body too. Look for the different benefits from various bath salts available at your local health or body shop.

A good point to remember is it’s not just being in the water that does wonders for your muscles. Also your environment whilst soaking in the bath or hot tub also plays a large part on how well your whole body can relax.

MaldivesThink about it. What would be more relaxing? Sitting in a brand new hot tub with bubble jets located in a brand new recently renovated bathroom with exquisite tiles and large mirrors, with an open window that looks out over clear blue water with not a person in sight.

Or, sitting in a small, old and dirty bathtub that is made of plastic and is broken. The room it is in is dark and moldy and hasn’t looked like it has been cleaned in years. Get my point? Your environment when you are soaking is just as important as the soak itself!

This is why people choose to go to a private spa resort for hot tub soaks. But going to a club every time you want a soak is a little inconvenient.

Alternatively you can rearrange your own bathroom to create an ambient and peaceful setting. Sure you may not have the window over looking the unoccupied crystal clear blue water in your bathroom but you can surely work with what you have. And if your bathroom is a total nightmare then why not send in the experts!

A professional and experienced bathroom renovator can work wonders in transforming your old and dated bathroom into a modern day masterpiece. Sure bathroom renovations can cost a pretty penny but when you consider the value added to your home and the increase in your standard of living you can surely weigh up the value.

To maximize the success of your bathroom renovation and to really achieve pure muscle relaxation make sure you plan out your bath type (above ground or built in) and location (facing a wall, mirror or window) to achieve the most pleasure and relaxing enjoyment when soaking in your hot tub.

Also choose matching bathware, fittings and fixtures to ensure a good flow in your bathroom. When you soak your muscles in a nice hot bath you want to be at peace and allow your whole body to relax, both mentally and physically. A well designed bathroom can help you achieve this. And just as equally a poorly designed bathroom can work against your relaxation. Remember the previous example?

Ask a professional bathroom renovator what would be the best layout for your existing bathroom. Most bathroom renovators are experienced at design or will have a designer in their team. Seek their advice and also go with your gut. Visualize it in your mind and then create away.

When you finally have your bathroom the way you desire then ensure that you set time aside to have a nice relaxing bath at least once a month, if not once a week. You will be amazed at how good your muscles will feel when you do this consistently. And with your newly created bath space your mind muscle will be at ease too.

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